A Special Retreat Weekend for Grandparents

Due to low numbers at pre-registration this weekend had to be cancelled

Our understanding of a Grandparent is that of an Elder who through their lived experiences pass on important values, beliefs and ideals to future generations.

We wish to recognize and celebrate your wisdom and love in this retreat weekend.

In this guided retreat there will be some quiet time along with prayer meditation time to reground yourself in what really matters bringing you back to who you are and the God that created you.

In this way you will deepen your awareness of your beautiful and sacred self within the context of your sacred history.

In the words of St. Ignatius of Loyola, your true self is “to desire an interior knowledge of all the good I have received, so that acknowledging this with gratitude, I may be able to love and serve our Loving and Compassionate God in everything”.

You will be guided by a team made up of Julia Donahoe-MacDougald, Fr. John Lacey, and Gilles Michaud.

Cost for the week end retreat:

Single room: $170.00

Double per room/ married couple: $255.00

Because of the pandemic and its physical distance guidelines we are limited in the number of participants that will be accepted. To register please contact: Earla and Martin Avery at Our Lady of Hope Retreat Centre

Telephone: 902-621-2385

E-Mail: ourladyofhope.pei@gmail.com

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